Custom Design

Custom designing has unlimited
possibilities. We can create elegant
pieces for those special occasions
or simple pieces of jewelry that are
timeless. Custom designs are
unique in that we create our
customer desires.

Larry Balser has been creating
unique jewelry to meet our
customers needs for over thirty
years. He begins a custom piece by
drawing sketches of what our
customers envision. He then
hand-carves the design from wax.
The wax is casted using white or
yellow gold and is then polished
and the stones are set.  If you are
looking for that remarkable piece
of jewelry, let Larry create it for
 Larrys Email
(940)692-0256 or (940)552-5931
Custom Designs
"This Elk tooth came
from an Elk I shot."
"I build houses."
"When I was little, my daddy would
slip the band of his cigar onto my
finger like a ring.".
"This is my cattle brand."
"I just graduated from college
with a nursing degree."
"I had our son's hand print made
for my husband who is in the
Our customers comments are in quotes.
"I used the diamonds from my  
husband's wedding band."
"Larry made me a
one of a kind ring."
"I love it. I love
it. I love it."
"I had three pendents
made for my kids who
attended OU and used my
mother's diamonds."